Established in 2017, The Evolve Effect was created as a brand of Luxury Human Hair Extensions that are made for the everyday girl to Evolve into the woman she was born to be. Once you have your extensions installed, you should emerge meeting your highest potential in Beauty and Confidence - thus, experiencing The Evolve Effect!! The owner, Jessica Lampkin, has a genuine passion for the art of Hair Extensions and strives to ensure the ultimate shopping experience for her patrons. Extreme Quality Control, Top Notch Customer Experience and Protection of your Investment are her top 3 commitments! Jessica wants you to not only Evolve in your beauty, but also, Evolve your expectations of this oh so valuable product you invest in. Our brand has also expanded the business model to offer full service hair and beauty all in one location! You can book your services online with one of our talented service providers.


  "Real Women want Real Hair! All the models on this site are family and friends of mine. They represent the wide array of Beauty in the world. My goal is for my clients to see what this Beautiful product looks like on women who resemble themselves."

Jessica Lampkin