Hair Guide

Your hair is an investment. It is imperative you care for your hair just as you would your own to ensure optimal life span of the product. Below are steps to maintain great looking hair and to protect your investment!

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Hair Care

1) After un-packaging, brush the hair with a paddle brush from bottom up 

2) Prior to installation, co - wash or Shampoo and Condition. We highly recommend using Tresemme Keratin Smooth or Granier Sleek & Smooth. Try to use Sulfate free Shampoo.  Use warm water to wet hair & lather by working fingers downward. Use a wide tooth comb to work conditioner through the hair. 

3) Rinse w/ Cold water & Pat dry. DO NOT rub the hair to dry it. This will damage the hair. For best results, let air dry before installing. 

4) When using heat tools, use a silicone based serum. Chi Keratin Silk Infusion is recommended. 

5) When wearing hair in it's natural state, follow steps 1-3. Then apply a generous amount of leave -in conditioner. For best results use Tresemme Keratin Smooth or Garnier Sleek and Smooth Leave-In Conditioners. The curlier the texture, the more product you should use. Use a Denman brush to work through product on Curly textures. 

Installation & Styling

1) During installation, we recommend refraining from cutting the wefts. The more the wefts are cut, the shorter the lifespan of the hair. Also, cutting the wefts can cause shedding. 

2) We recommend keeping the amount of cutting, layering or trimming of the ends to a minimum. Purchase your preferred length. If you are looking for a layered look, purchase varied lengths to achieve this. 

3) ALWAYS use a silicone based serum, as stated above, when using heat tools to prevent split ends. Please Note: When straightening Wavy and Curly textures, there is potential for the wave or curl to fall slightly. Try to use lower heat on wavy and curly textures to maintain the curl pattern.

4) Platinum Collection Hair can be colored up to Platinum Blonde. Premium and Royal Collection Hair can be colored up to dark blonde. We recommend hiring a professional to color your hair and assist in maintaining the hair after it is colored. 

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1) At night, gently brush hair and place in 2 braids or wrap your hair. Tie down with a silk scarf or satin bonnet. If wearing curly you can place in a pineapple and tie down with a silk scarf. DO NOT sleep with hair wet. Sleeping on wet hair or without a scarf or bonnet can lead to tangling and matting. 

2) In the morning, style as usual. If wearing in its natural state; spray with water, scrunch with fingers and go. 

3) To store your hair when not in use; We recommend, storing the hair clean, dry and detangled. Fold Wefts and tie a hair tie around the top (just as the hair was sent to you). Place in the middle of a satin scarf and tie it up. Store it away until you need them again!