Platinum Russian

Platinum Russian

from 120.00

Our Russian Hair is high-quality donor hair derived from Moscow, Russia. This is “live” hair with the preserved cuticular layer. Each ponytail has its own distinctive structure. The hair is soft, with dense ends and matches well with Caucasian Hair textures. This hair can be colored, bleached, straightened, curled and chemically treated. Because donors in Russia are not as easily accessible as those in India, Supply is light and thus makes this product our most Valuable. Please allow longer processing and shipping times for this particular product. 


Russian Clip - Ins

Each Track in the bunch consists of 4 double-stitched micro wefts sewed onto special tape with 2-3 clips, having a silicon pad. The ends of each Track are refined for comfortable fitting. The composition in the bunch is universal and is suitable for fitting on any size of head. Each bunch consists of (2) 5 in. Tracks, (2) 3.5 in. Tracks, (1) 2.3 in. Track and (2) 1 in. Tracks. Bunch weights are as follows: 16" - 85g, 18" - 95g, 20" - 105g, 24" - 110g, 28" - 115g. 

Russian Wefted Hair

Each Bundle weighs 100g and constructed on a double machine wefted track.